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Jamie 6 years ago
I'm a girl & I would love to get fucked hard like the same exact way.
Right up my alley 6 years ago
Big natural tits, curves in all the right places, and no distracting tats. I do hope she was sober, comfortable, and cumming like crazy, because at some points, I was not sure. I just got my wife into watching porn after she got into erotic e-books and have been looking for stuff like this that has the woman looking like she enjoys it.
Moe 4 years ago
Every man should fuck a woman like her at least once in his life.
Big Tit Lover 6 years ago
If this is just a test, I want to see the rest of what she has done. This girl is hot! Super nice tits, great shape, clean pussy and a nice face! Nice to see someone doing video that looks and sounds like she truly is enjoying herself (not faking a boring monotone moan through entire video) and doesn't look rode hard put away wet or worn out before 22years old. So much slo-mo was unnecessary but I like the focus on the motion of her gorgeous tits. Who is she and where can we see more of her?
jjj 6 years ago
its brooke wylde
Jerry 6 years ago
Whoever uploaded this video, if you did this slow-mo editing bullshit, then I'd advise you to never upload another video again
Brode day 6 years ago
Fuck it 6 years ago
I want to fuck it
Young_Ma 6 years ago
Who trynna fuckk
Dick man not Gay 6 years ago